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GOKO MAKO February 14th Movie Release

#February 14th Movie Release

Cast: Ramkumar | Chaams | Sarah | Dinesh | Dhanusha | YG Mahendra | Delhi Ganesh | Santhana Bharathy | Ajay Rathnam

Crew: Arun Kanth (Director, Music Composer, Sound Designer), Sukumaran Sundar (Cinematographer), Vinoth Sridhar (Editor), Deena (Associate Dir), Pratap(Asst.Dir)

Directed by : Aunkanth V
Produced by : InfoPluto Media Works

Genres: Drama, Romantic Comedy, Adventure

Synopsis : An adventurous road trip journey of two lovers is being captured candidly on camera by a crazy video crew, masterminded by a musician who intend to turn this footage into a music video for a music company contract. The whole movie is a package of music, love, romance, adventure, thrill and non stop laughter. A Total Crazy Valentine’s Day Special !
USP : 100% shot with GoPro
Run Time : 1Hr 36 Min (96 Mins)
Youtube Trailer Link : https://youtu.be/i6LOrIa5Hn4
Music Label : Zee Music Entertainment


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