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Ms. Rajitha Kalpradha – Title winner of Nalaya Iyakunar season 5


Born to a Marathi-Telugu parents. I have had an opportunity of getting exposed to different types of cultures in a country. Apparently this exposure formed the base for me to explore further cultures. This could’ve seeded the film interest in me which grew eventually and stood strong in me till now. Innately I’m a people’s person, always have an huge human consideration not as in condolences way but critically.

This subsequently urged me to take Journalism, then I went on to study Economics and MBA to please my family. Movie is a disease, I was inflicted by that disease which I found irresistible. So finally I end up taking course in editing in DFT, Pune.

Q: You been a Journalist and Copyrighter before becoming a Filmmaker. Why did you choose print media to convey your ideas and concepts?

For me, Journalism is dealing with facts, Copyrights is my livelihood and Filmmaking is my
obessession. I see Filmmaking as an extension of Journalism.

Q: What so vital you find in movies? What gives you the joy in Filmmaking?

This is the only medium where you can create non-exixting as exixting, real as unreal vice versa. You can create, kill as you difffuse many characters, which makes me feel ineffable. This is the only medium in which you can convey your idealogy, themes and concepts through sound and image to innumerable people in this planet.

Q: Making a motion picture needs a good craftmanship and Cinema has 24 crafts, which you find most challenging to you?

Camera! I’d like to share it from Jean Luc Godard “Camera is the pen of the Director”. Its tough to find a good pen (cinematographer). Highly rare to find a Cinematographer who parallely work towards to bring out the same as that of Director’s vision to on-screen.

Q: Being an aspiring female director in future would your script will be predominantly women
orient based?

It need not be.

Q: Being a fresh entrant into Film industry, what reformation you think that you would like to
bring ?

Me being a World Cinema buffer its always being disappointing that we run behind film festival in India to watch cross over moives remaining incompetent to them . In my opinion I think we lack in addressing current society’s happening as content, which would serve as backbone to a good film. I’d like to self-reform in all my movies current society’s happening as a content compiled with reasonable and believably depicting the happening.

Q: Give a brief intro regarding the list of short films you’ve directed?

1. Curreny: A thousand rupee note travelling to different section of people in a day.

Won: Best Director.

2. Ippadikku Kaadhal: My first competitive round film, a movie which depicts same sex love by
two girls

Won: Best story.

3. Nayyapudai : based on a real incident

4. Appavin Knnadi – Sujatha’s short story named Elderado- casted by Jayaprakash

Won: Best film Best Director Best Actor

5. Pecharavam Kettillayo – A love story between a dumb and deaf girl ans a boy in a village a movie with no dialogues music scored by Karthik Raja

Won: Bestfilm Best director Best music Best actors

6. Nadukkam – thriller. A medical student ends up hitting a man in car accident and assuming that she had actually killed him and feels guilty for goofing up her crime and at the end realizes that he didn’t die and he is most wanted criminal

Won: Best film Best Director Best Camera Best Artiste

7. LOC Line Of Control – an Indian army soldier fighting for Indian flag on the LOC border of India and Pakistan and looses his life

Won the tittle of Nalaya Iyakunar season 5


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